Today is the first World Bee day.

Unfortunately, our bees are in trouble. The use of neonictinoids over the last 20 years has been the cause of the rapid decrease in the bee population. As part of the growing movement to ban these awful chemicals Neal’s Yard launched the Bee Lovely campaign. This is the timeline of our campaign:


Neal’s Yard Organic launched the Save the Bees campaign.

They also released the first product of the Bee Lovely range with 3% of the total sales goes to charity that help save the bees.


Following the success of the Save the bees campaign, Neal’s Yard launches a Bee Lovely petition.

The Bee Lovely range is expanded and a grant is introduced to provide grants for initiatives.


A 120,000 strong petition was handed in to Downing street to try secure a ban on neonictinoid pesticides.


£50,000 has been raised!


£80,000 has been raised to fund bee projects in Ghana.


Bee Lovely balm is launched and 500 bees are saved every time someone buys one! It’s that fantastic!

With your help by 2020 we aim to support 50 million bees.

How you can help the bees

Make a bee house

Find or make an open ended box made of untreated wood, around 20cm deep and any width/height

Drill holes into dry logs or sections of untreated timber, up to 18cm long, ensuring there are no splinters in the holes and that the holes don’t reach the other end. Different sized holes will attract different bees – the harebell bee, for example, will use smaller holes

Hang your bee house in a sunny position, on a firm surface such as a sturdy fence

Plant wild flowers in your garden

Bees love wild flowers as they have evolved alongside each other. Plant a diverse range of flowers can help these little pollinators thrive.

Choose your garden chemicals carefully

Pesticides containing neonicotinoids (thiacloprid and acetamiprid) are still used as insecticide for home and garden use. Please read the labels and avoid using anything containing these chemicals.

Purchase Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely range

With 3% of the total sale going to the Bee Lovely campaign this can make a huge difference to the bee charities we support.

You can purchase using this link

Please help us save the bees!


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