Opening times:

Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm (food finishes serving at 2:30pm)


Breakfast Menu (8:00-11:30)

The Standard English £6.00
One sausage, one bacon, egg mushrooms, beans, tomato, fried or scrambled egg and a slice of brown or white toast.

The Large English £7.50
Two sausages, two bacon, a choice of fried or scrambled free range eggs, mushrooms, tomato, beans and brown or white toast.

Vegetarian £6.00
Two free range eggs scrambled or fried, mushrooms, beans, two tomatoes and 2 white or seeded sourdough toast.

Sausage Baguette or Sourdough bloomer £4.25
Bacon Baguette or Sourdough bloomer £4.25
Sausage and Bacon Baguette or Bloomer £4.50
(Add a free range egg to above sandwiches for an additional 75p)

Silky Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough toasts £5.25
(with Parma Ham or Smoked Salmon £6.50)

Bloomer White/Brown thick slice with jams £2.20
Sourdough White/Seeded with jams £2.70
Toasted Teacake £2.60

Breakfast Bowls
Porridge, Granola or Muesli £3.75

Lunch Menu (12:00-15:00)

The Bronleigh Sandwiches £6.50-£7.00

Salmon eggs with red onion & dill salsa £8.99
Paul’s Tomato and Pancetta £8.99
The Parma £7.49
Avocado & spinach eggs £7.99
Mediterranean £7.99

Pasta, all served with garlic bread
Traditional Ragu Bolognese £8.99
Lasagne Al Forno £8.99
Tortelli (V) £8.99
Ratatouille Tagliatelle (V) (Can be Gluten Free or Vegan) £8.99

Hot Rolls, all served with salad garnish and coleslaw £7.25-£7.75

Toasted Sandwiches, White or Seeded Sourdough £6.50-£6.99

Omelettes £6.50-£7.50

Jacket Potatoes £6.75-£7.25

Children’s options
Pasta Bows (served with homemade Tomato/Bolognese sauce) £3.99
Beans on toast £2.99
Cheese on toast £2.99
Scrambled egg on toast £2.99
Ham or cheese sandwich £2.99
Chicken sandwich £3.50