Wanting to change an unwanted habit or limitation?

Smoking, over-weight, stress, phobias, pain, grief, sleep disorders &

many others.

Hypnotherapy may be for you:

Safe and non-invasive Effective and transformative

Fast and affordable Versatile Applicable to many different situations

Contact for a short discussion 01639 730043 or 07971 260254

Antonina specialises in confidence building, motivation and overcoming anxiety and fears.

She works using hypnotherapy and draws on a wide range of techniques including NLP. This includes devising and running “pattern breaking” programmes and accelerated learning for transformational change.

Having worked with people from all walks of life with a variety of different challenges she has many years of experience in therapeutic, educational and development work with adults and children.

“I usually work with my clients individually on a face to face basis and hypnotherapy mainly takes place in 1 hour sessions.

Small sessions for friends are also available for people wanting to support each other to achieve similar goals e g. smoking cessation, weight loss.

Young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult: parent or guardian during sessions.

Before an appointment is made a short conversation will be scheduled to discuss any questions you may have and how I may be able to help you”.

For more information contact me on: 01639 730043 – 07971 260254

Enquiries can be made any time on line:

www.amendolahypnotherapy.co.uk  Email: am@amendolahypnotherapy.co.uk