Nia Fowler


Treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific acupoints along meridian pathways. This assists the healthy flow of qi (life force) and blood. In the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine, illness is a disharmony of the whole body and the aim is to restore harmony and constitutional balance using the governing principle of yin/yang to restore and heal the complex interconnections between all aspects of the patient. This approach offers a more holistic, personalised consideration of health and disease and of the delicate interplay between those opposing forces.

Achieving this balance in mind, body and spirit lies at the heart of Chinese medicine and optimum health.


How to prepare prior to treatment:

Your first visit will take one and half hours. Nia will have an informal discussion with you so as to inform her diagnosis.

This will involve thorough questioning on health, history and physical analysis. A personal treatment plan will follow.

Subsequent treatments will last ¾ hour to an hour.

Weekly sessions are advised initially and, typically, as you improve you will attend less frequently. Thereafter, maintenance treatments are encouraged. Speed of improvement varies and is highly individual. It usually depends on the patient’s baseline energy rather than the nature of the complaint. Loose clothing is recommended.

Nia may use some adjunctive therapeutic techniques such as:


Moxibustion – warm application of a dried plant called moxa on, or near, the skin;

Guasha – an instrumented assisted technique of press-stroking a lubricated area of the skin;

Tui na – a form of Chinese massage;

Cupping – application of glass cups to the skin to create suction and clear stagnation.


A little bit about Nia:

Nia (MBAcC, Lic Ac) has always believed that acupuncture found her as much as her finding acupuncture after meeting an inspirational acupuncturist and person who changed the course of her life

Emma Williams.

Her relationship with healing and ancient/alternative medicine stemmed from there, leading her to study at the prestigious college at Reading where she attained her degree in Chinese Medicine. Nia strives to be natural, sensitive, intuitive and empathetic and loves to connect with her patients. It was clear to Nia that she needed to be in an occupation which aligned with her values: altruism, compassion, and being of service. Nia continues to be passionate about the profoundness of Chinese medicine theory and its rich history. It is a sophisticated medicine which recognises energy as its foundation and the belief that the body ,when given the right environment, can heal. Each diagnosis is centred on all aspects of the individual, physical, emotional and psychological. There is no separation. Personally and professionally, Nia’s raison d’etre is to help others, so working as an acupuncturist offers her a great opportunity and platform to do so. It is really powerful and humbling to see patients evolve, transform and thrive in mind, body and soul with the help and balancing effect of acupuncture.



 Two first class degrees;

Licentiate in TCM and Five Element acupuncrture;

Full member of the British Acupuncture Council;

Ex Wales Hockey International;

Multilingual, including Welsh – first language.