As this unprecedented outbreak of the Corona virus continues, we wanted to ensure our customers (as always), are our first priority and our proactive measures ensure your safety  and our staff alike.

As with any other day to day procedures, Hygiene and Cleanliness has always been our number one priority.

We have –

Automatic sensor flushes, taps and hand dryers to wash & dry your hands, to reduce the spread of any germs.
As therapists, we have standards to comply with, sterilising equipment/surfaces/laundry and washing our hands regularly.

None of this has changed for us.

We are monitoring procedures & information with our governing bodies & health boards and have made sure we have given information policies to each business/therapist/staff to ensure we are all following the same procedures regarding safeguarding our customers, ourselves (staff)and our families.
We have increased our provisions to continuously sterilise surfaces, door handles, banister rails, toilets, flushes,regularly throughout the day.
If you have travelled to red zone regions or think you may have been in contact with someone  who has, we can re arrange your appointments for you.
If you feel unwell, as with any other time to reduce the safety to others, please give us at least 48hrs notice (or as soon as possible). This is another procedure that we always ask for anyway.

For us not a lot has changed with our hygiene regimes but we will go above and beyond to monitor everything at a time of uncertainty and step up our procedures accordingly.

What can you do for us?

All we ask is that you help us by washing your hands thoroughly & regularly (with warm soapy water)and keep us informed of changes your end.
We also have beautifully scented Neal yards remedy Handwashes in our rest rooms, and regularly use diffusers which haveAntibacterial Oils Tee tree & Eucalyptus which help to fumigate the room with antiseptic properties and reduce the spread of germs.
Our class instructors have also stepped up their regimes, where all equipment is wiped down thoroughly and sanitizers provided. We do also have a rest room and hot water up in the studio for regular handwashing. You may also bring your own mats with you.
Yoga/pilates/meditation is needed more than ever with the anxiety surrounded around such uncertainty and our teachers are also keen to keep business running as usual (unless guidelines permit us).

Germs are around us everyday. We are aware of the uncertainty around this virus can be scary but if we all do our bit to help reduce the spread, by keeping our hygiene standards high and being sensible about our approach to our hygiene, we will all get through this together

If the level of global risk increases, we will adjust our procedures accordingly and inform you of these changes as they occur.

As a group of small businesses we are always grateful for your support and appreciate you working with us, your continued support really does mean the world to us so – Thank you.


Wash Hands regularly & thoroughly with warm soapy water
Keep your immune system strong with supplements & good food
Get plenty of Fresh air
Eat as much protein rich vegetables & fruit as you can
Take vitamins, vitamin c, echinacea , probiotics
Breathe, stretch, meditate, relax – Anxiety can have a negative effect on both our physical & mental wellbeing.
Keep in touch with friends & family and try to remain a normal routine as possible (our physical & mental wellbeing is still so important)
For most of us, it is a mild virus but we need to contain it for the vulnerable groups – check in on them, maybe you can get these people their much needed supplies – they need it more than most.
Help each other, share supplies
Look after yourselves and look out for others.