What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mat-based body conditioning class built on three fundamental principles – Alignment, Breathing and Centering.
A focus on diaphragmatic breathing relaxes the body into a parasympathetic ‘rest, digest and repair’ nervous state – to help you become more resilient to the harmful effects of  the stressors caused by a hectic daily life.
Pilates helps to develop a greater mind to muscle link, strengthening the deep intrinsic muscles as well as the larger superficial muscles.
Load-bearing exercise as part of a regular Pilates regime is known to improve bone density, joint and spinal health.
Come alone and share healing energy with a small group of like minded people.
Help to align your skeletal system with specific postures giving you more fully functional joints assisted by stronger and more flexible muscles.
Functional Pilates will improve your breathing function, posture, sleep and will help you to generally feel better in yourself by reducing and managing stresses.


Starting September 18th

Tuesday 7.30am – 8.30am